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The world’s largest urban farm?

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Hantz Farms employees clearing the ground, Detroit

Hantz Farms employees clear the ground

It’s not in London, but the fact that Detroit may become home to the ‘world’s largest urban farm‘ is certainly very interesting, even if somewhat disconcerting, news.

The American city filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, but a private company by the name of Hantz Farms has now been given the green light to go ahead with its plans to turn some of the land into an urban tree farm. The company, owned by businessman John Hantz, will buy up just under 1,500 lots and plant 15,000 trees over 150 acres. The project will cost Hantz around $3m (£1.86m).

However, it’s not all roses. Residents are cynical about Hantz’s real motives, saying they think that the “scale is inappropriate” and that the plans “are not grounded in the social justice values that guide the current community-based urban agriculture movement.” Critics of the plan also point to race and class concerns in Detroit as being more of a priority than creating a community farm, with some even going so far as to say that taking the land out of residents’ hands will worsen matters. Groups in opposition include the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network.

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